Principal’s Message


Ayurveda is the oldest health- care system known to human being since time immemorial. Historically Bharat (India) become the geographical place (land) to develop this knowledge in the valleys of Himalayas. Later diffused to all over the world. Hence Ayurveda is the mother of all health-care systems in the world as it influences in the development of almost all Medical Systems in the world. There are hundreds of traditional healthcare systems in the different parts of the world influenced by Ayurveda crediting/ non crediting its linkage. Currently Ayurveda is one of the official / legalized Medical Systems in India diffused all over the world. Ayurveda been inspired by Mini Star Wars in the medical field and propagated to various countries in last two centuries. Since it was originated in India it has close linkage with its own contemporarical knowledge system ( Nyaya,  Vaiseshika yoga, sankhya, vedaanta etc) and exchanged many concepts / ideas too. Hence learners of Ayurveda also been inspired to know this knowledge system for better understanding and clarifying the concepts. Ayurveda visualise complete Health Care model through various Lifestyle changes, diet changes, self control beside disease management. Seekers of Ayurveda inclined to learn many self-care approaches for a stable state of body mind continuum which is the primary quality of making a Vaidya (a clinician/ physician par excellence).

Making a Vaidya is a continuous effortful learn-to- learn evolutionary process between student-teacher- nature. Hence Ashtamgam visualizes a campus Viswamithra (eco-friendly) which helps every learner/ seeker to have an opportunity to have a continuous connectivity with the teacher and nature. This makes a pupil to identify self re shaping the mind, re modifying the behaviour, sharpening the intellect and connecting the self. Learning in Ashtangam is an uninterrupted continuous progressive proactive process where gender, religion, caste, social and economical identity disappears. Making a Vaidya happens only through such continuous process and it’s a team work with purest intention with support of grape masters. We are fortunate to have blessed by many legends and receiving support and blessings continuously. We focus on developing a Vaidya – a being with great human touch with high compassion at most sincerity with support of timeless tradition behind. We try to inculcate all possible traditional wisdom from any part of the world and trying to inculcate all possible traditional wisdom from any part of the world I am trying to link with the contemporarical need and meet the expectations of health seeking society. We wish we could able to bring the best buds for the nature and the nature (society) could able to use the buds for the betterment of future health care system.

We are in the process of budding Vaidyas for global needs (Vishwamitra nirmiti). We need whole hearted support and blessing from all.