PRESEVING THE GHEE FOR MEDICINAL PURPOSES – Ghrita (Ghee) is a primary substance used diversely both in food and medicine in Ayurveda. The Ghrita gets more potent medically as it ages properly and is being
used to treat different diseases including psychiatric ailments. Such Ghee is known as PURA̅NA GHRITA. We, in Ashtamgam, preserve such Ghrita once in every year following the standard methods for Ghrita sambharana mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts. The Ghrita sambharana in Ashtamgam is done in remembrance of
the great Ayurvedacharya Padmabhushanam Vaidyabhushanam K. Raghavan Thirumulpad on his death anniversary (November 21 st ) every year since 2015. On this special occasion new Ghrita is collected and sealed in respective vessels and old vessels are being opened and the quality is analysed.



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