Swasthavritam and Yoga

The Swasthavritham department is an independent department working in Ashtamgam Ayurveda Chikitsalayam&Vidhyapeedham. It is the department which deals with the promotion of health of the individual by modifying the lifestyle using different tools such as Yoga, Pathya ahara(good food) & Pathya vihara(good lifestyle) etc. The Goal of this department is to make the students capable of adopting healthy Regimen & propagating the same to the community.


  • Teaching and practicing of a healthy lifestyle for the benefit of public and the students.
  • An authoritative practice of Yoga and Naturopathy, through clinical exposure and community outreach programmes.
  • Give popularity to the Ayurvedic approach for preservation of health.
  • Educate the mass, to lead a healthy life and prevent Lifestyle Diseases.
  • Being the social and community face of Ashtamgam Ayurveda Chikitsalayam&Vidyapeedam.


  • Yoga Practice Room
  • Naturopathy Procedure practice hall
  • Well Equipped Personal department library
  • Models & Charts for better understanding & learning
  • Large Digital Database of e-books, notes, audio & video clips.
  • Dedicated OPD along with Annex OP for the students to interact directly with the patients.
  • Facility for S-VYASA learner support center.



  • Practice of Yoga.
  • Organizing International Yoga Day.
  • Yoga Sessions for public & patients.
  • Participation in S-VYASA learner support center for Yoga.
  • Participation in “VARSHAYANA – AarogyamullaMazhakkaalamAyurvedathiloode” – An yearly camp for all individuals during the month of June – Aug for maintenance of health & modification of lifestyle.

Social –

  • School Health Program (SHP)–“NIRAYAMA PROJECT” – includes Yoga camp, lifestyle modification & health awareness for school children & teachers.
  • Medical camps.
  • Health Awareness classes for the public.
  • Community Surveys – Undertaken yearly at different nearby panchayats for assessment of health& giving awareness about the health.
  • Geriatric Care – Monthly visit to Old age homes for consultation & visit. (current old age homes – Pratheeksha shelter home and Karuna Foundation).
  • “SATSANG” – Daily talk to the IP patients & their bystanders to make them aware about the wider and holistic concept of healing of disease and preservation of health.


This present era has seen a huge hike in people suffering from various lifestyle disorders. Ayurveda has systematically advised certain regimen which is to be adopted for the maintenance of health & prevention from the diseases. These include modification of lifestyle, improving the food habits & adopting Yogic techniques.

In Ayurveda it is said that

It means maintaining the health of the individual & curing of the disease leads to healthy living.The Goal of this Department is also focused towards building a healthy community.

Vd. Dhanya C P
MD (Ay), Swasthavritham
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Dr. Swathy V
Assistant Professor
MD (Ay), Swasthavritham
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