Roganidanam evum Vikritivijnanam


The Department of RogaNidanam & Vikrtivijnanam provides the foundation for the clinical and pathological understanding of the disease processes belonging to the realm of Kaayacikitsaa and also the clinical methods which needs to be followed till the end of one’s professional life. Infact, the Department acts as the foundation for the entire clinical life of a student, since, one learns the techniques of Ayurvedic methodology of understanding the disease processes and the patient, the methods of clinical examination, the fundamentals of laboratory diagnosis & imageology and the foundation principles of clinical medicine from here. Above all, the student imbibes from the bedside, the culture and rigor of being a clinician by modeling upon the etiquette, professional manners and the methods by which the clinician-patient interactions happen.


The Department envisions the fullest application of the basic principles and the Ayurvedic diagnostic modalities in existing, emerging and re-emerging diseases, and to make those explorations common in regular clinical practice.

The Department envisages the seamless collaboration of the time-honoured traditions of Roga-Rogi Pareeksha in Ayurveda with the Techno-centred rapidly evolving diagnostic methodologies, so that the better understanding of the disease processes can contribute to better management and better quality of life of the patients.


The Department is committed to produce a band of vibrant clinicians, who is confident enough to have a rigourous Ayurvedic analysis of the case at hand, which provides great insight into the subtle interactions happening between the diseased bodily systems and on other hand who is capable enough to instruct, analyse and interpret the results of rapidly evolving laboratory and imageology techniques, which provides a structured and objective definition to the case and thereby to utilize both the sources of knowledge for the state-of-the art management of the patient.

The Department is also committed to build up its own capacities to blossom into a fully developed Centre for Post-graduate Training & Research in RogaNidanam & Vikrtivijnanam in near future.

Faculty Profile

  • Rahul.R.Nair, BAMS,MD(Ay) – Associate Professor & Head of Department
  • Vandana.A MD(Ay) – Associate Professor

Technical staff:

Mrs. Shalini – Sr. Technician, Teaching Clinical laboratory

Mrs.Ajitha TP– Jr. Technician, Teaching Clinical laboratory


  • Department room – with a 75m2  floor space
  • Faculty cabin – with a total of 35m2 floor space
  • Departmental library – housed in a glassed almirrah with more than 90 titles
  • Pathology museum with 20 specimens.
  • Clinical lab – with facilities like semi-autoanalyser for a wide range of pathological & biochemical tests.
  • Pathology teaching lab – with an approximate floor space of 40m2
  • X-ray (The facility under construction)
  • ECG



Instructional services:

The department implements a unique clinical instructional programme which enhances the clinical learning experience of the students, which is named as ‘Bridge-  Bench to Bed side’.

The programme is intended for the second year students who come under the department and are getting introduced into the clinical studies.  Here in this programme, the teaching of roganidanam  revolves round the bed side. The fundamental principles of Roga-rogi Pareeksha and the basic tenets of clinical examination are elaborated during the initial one month of the course. Equipped with this, the students are encouraged to enter the wards, strike warm rapport with the patients, observe the disease process, elicit the clinical signs, elaborate the points of diagnosis and could finally able to construct the full pathogenetic process (sampraapti).

The programme will be enriched by clinico-pathologic discussion sessions, wherein the students, present the cases, discuss the probable pathways of samprapti, search for diagnostic and investigative techniques, elaborate the textual materials and learn the cases. In addition there will be clinical problem solving sessions which promote lateral thinking and project works regarding the most common disorders seen around.

The department carries out the clinical and laboratory rotator postings of second year BAMS students and also attends to the theory lectures


Programmes Conducted

  1. In addition , Department had conducted a one week ,residential programme ‘NIDAANA –SAMEEKSHA’ in April, 2017, in which Ashtamga Hrdayam Nidaana sthaanam has been explored in detail, under the leadership of Vd.M.Prasad Sir.
  2. The department organized ‘CLINICAL INDUCTION CEREMONY’ on 10.01.20, in which eminent Oncologist V.P.Gangadharan Sir, Chairman of Medical & Paediatric Oncology, Lakeshore Hospital, Cochin had given a blessing address and lead the oath taking for inducting students. The programme was meant for the students who joined the second year classes and starting their clinical learning through the department.\
  3. The department is going to organize a webinar lecture by Professor Dr.Shree Sharma Khandel Sir , former Professor of RogaNidanam, NIA, Jaipur on ‘ Clinical Diagnosis – An Ayurvedic Approach’ on 16.07.20

Clinical services:

The department maintains a general OPD, everyday, wherein the clinicians attend to the cases and admit wherever in need and demonstrate to the students.

The department runs two different specialty OPDs –

Cancer care clinic – Dr.Rahul.R.Nair ,on every Thursdays

Respiratory Medicine Clinic – Dr.A.Vandana, on every Tuesdays

The department runs the Clinical laboratory in the teaching hospital with a close monitoring on quality control

Research Services:

The department plans to launch extensive research works into specific pathologies. It is a matter of great concern that the incidence of diseases affecting the basic metabolism and eventually result in multisystem breakdown is on steep rise. Proper works related to the same elaborating the Ayurvedic Sampraapti can shed light into new avenues of management. Hence, the department plans to initiate extensive research works into the etiopathogenesis of disorders like Diabetes mellitus and its complications, Thyroid disorders, hypertension and various malignancies.  In association with the Specialty OPD for Oncology, the department plans to start extensive investigations in Breast Cancer. As part of that Extra-Mural Research Projects are being planned to take up from Central agencies like CCRAS

Social extension services:

  • Breast cancer awareness campaign- the department runs a campaign to ‘Prevent Breast Cancer by Ayurveda or to detect it early using Self Breast Examination’ in association with the various organizations and is offering awareness classes.
  • An educational video for those suffering from ‘Neer-irakkam’ / Myofascial pain syndromes’ had been done.
  • The faculty members are actively participating in palliative care activities in association with a voluntary organization ‘Prateeksha’ and a student group called ‘Student’s initiative in Palliative Care’
Vd Rahul R Nair
MD (Ay), Roganidanam
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Vd Vandana A
Associate Professor
MD (Ay), Roganidanam
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