The department of Kaumarabhrityam at Ashtamgam upholds a vision to provide wholesome and authentic care for children through Ayurveda. Children, being very delicate in their physical and mental maturity require expert hands to provide the care that they deserve. A child when nurtured rightly in all areas of health is an asset to the society & we try to render it in the best possible manner, here.

On the academic front, we wish to mould students who come to us, with richness of Ayurveda, training them in every aspect to become the most sought after doctors of tomorrow.

Here, at Ashtamgam we are blessed to have guidance of great Gurus like well known Baalachikitsaka, Shri Gangadharan Vaidyar who continues to guide us even today.

The department offers service to those who seek Ayurveda health care for the following:

  • New Born Care
  • Preventive paediatrics
  • Respiratory Disorders
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Disorders of Nervous System
  • Skin Diseases
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Learning Disability
  • Other Developmental Anomalies


  • The department consists of a fully fledged library fulfilling the CCIM norms.
  • Different charts and models including that of the Kumaragara, Kreedabhumi and the ancient traditional medicine box for ‘Urumarunnu’, which is one of a kind, are our valuable assets.
  • Also the different specimens of drugs commonly used in childhood ailments are made available for academic purpose.


  • An efficiently working out-patient department, functioning from Monday to Saturday.
  • With the growing demand, consultation was made available, every Wednesday evening, to suit the convenience of working parents and school going children.
  • The department also extends its service to a speciality ‘Learning Disability OPD’, functioning every Friday, evening
  • A fully equipped Neonatal Intensive Care Unit forms a section of the labour room.
  • The in-patient department consists of a section of general ward, single rooms and deluxe rooms catering to all needs of children and their bystanders for a comfortable stay at the hospital.
  • A separate panchakarma treatment section with the decor catching any child’s attention is also our laudable asset, to carry out various treatment procedures, smoothly, in children.
  • The alluring interior, toys and accessories at the OPD manage to keep up the smile of kids during consultation.


Staying rooted to the legacy of Ashtamgam, department strives to render the best treatment modalities for children. Every parent is made aware of the need for a holistic approach towards health and lifestyle by making them aware as to how Ayurveda, could play an important role in this regard.



We present to you – The Suvarnabindu project.  Initiated in the year 2016, this programme is the first of its kind among any Ayurveda college hospitals situated in Kerala. It aims to revive the traditional method of immune-modulation. Suvarna or gold with its magnanimous properties was once sought as the prime metal that could enhance immunity in children and being considered as good as ‘amrita’ or nectar!

Here at Ashtamgam, we practise this ancient technique with utmost reverence and devotion. From the newly born to adolescents, receivers are many. They are served with a unique mixture of gold and other herbs, once a month on Pushya Nakshatra, when the potency of the medicine is considered to be maximum. It is our pleasure to have served nearly 800 odd children with this programme. To suit the preference of seekers, Suvarnabindu is also conducted every second Saturday, being a public holiday.


Pushya Nakshatra – 9 AM – 4PM

Second Saturday – 9AM – 11 AM


“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.” – Lao Tsu

Venal Thumbikal is a fun filled educational summer camp at Ashtamgam, once again being the first of its kind in any Ayurveda college hospitals in India. Children aged 7-12 years are ventured in for a week long resident program at our campus.

Kids are made aware about Ayurveda, Naturopathy & Yoga through various entertaining sessions. The week long programme extends to showcase kids about the rich heritage of our science, art and history that may have been forgotten, otherwise.

They are taught  importance of dinacharyas like abhyangam, nasyam etc, introduced to the principles of sadvritta, the martial art of Kerala – Kalari, art forms like – ottanthullal, cholliattam  etc. They are made self sufficient and are taught to make few indigenous products and homemade dishes by their own. The kids are also taken to field trips of the nearby places having historical importance. They are even given sessions to improve language and communication, necessity of knowing basic first aid rules, fun filled quiz rounds and many more keep them totally packed throughout.

Many well known physicians, artisans, guides and our team of doctors come together for this event, moulding the kids to something unique, ancient and purely scientific. It is nothing less than a period of celebration at our campus where all our staffs equally participate for providing the best of time for the little ones, enrolled. We are certain that this is a treat, kids would cherish forever long!


 It is a health programme started in the year 2016, in association with the govt and private schools of the nearby Nhangattari and Vavanoor village. Through this programme, an initiative to provide a routine health check up for students was undertaken. Students are examined by specialists under the Kaumarabhrityam (Paediatric) as well as Shalakyam (Eye & ENT) departments, every Friday. They are attended to, for their general health problems, unhealthy lifestyle, poor scholastic performances, adolescent issues etc.  Health cards are being issued to the students, making it easier for them to avail our services if needed, later with parents.

After their consultation, they are given a tour of the campus, where the herbal garden and anatomy museum are shown under guidance of teachers of the concerned departments. UG students of Ashtamgam are the pillars of this programme as they actively participate in it, throughout their academic year. It proves beneficial for them, as it provides a good opportunity to assess the health issues in children on regular basis and also understand the importance of early intervention being fruitful to manage all ailments.


In a pursuit to get an EMR project enrolled for the children with developmental anomalies.

Pediatric ayurvedic treatments have proved to be effective in maintaining and improving the immunity level in children resulting in prevention of illness.

Vd. Greeshma Purushothaman
Associate Professor
MD (Ay), Kaumarabhrithyam
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Vd. Aswathi Rajan V K
Assistant Professor
MD (Ay), Kaumarabhrithyam
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