Department of Rachana Shareeram

Rachana Shareeram is the study about structure of human body in both subtle and gross level. Which is one of the prime subjects that pave a strong foundation for easy learning of all clinical subjects in coming years.


We have a very competent infrastructure with full fledged Museum, Dissection hall, Cadaver room and Department library

  1. Anatomy Museum– well furnished museum with ample number of human organ specimen, histology slides, articulated and non articulated human bones, models and charts.
  2. Dissection hall– fully equipped dissection hall provides practical training in dissection on cadaver to explore the internal structure of human body.
  3. Cadaver room – includes two tanks which can accommodate more than six cadavers at a time. The room is equipped with very easy and efficient – washing, lifting and transit facilities.
  4. Department library–  Bears ample number of Ayurveda as well as contemporary anatomy and related text books.


  1. For teaching theory part we have common class rooms as well as departmental teaching area with all modern facilities
  2. For teaching practical aspects we have a dissection hall equipped with four large dissection tables and all supportive instruments needed.
  3. To teach Oesteology and Histology we have ample number of Bone sets, Slides and Microscopes
  4. We have separate carved wooden models to teach the vital points of human body (Marma)


  1. A special hands on training session which is called as “Small Group Learning” aims in providing clarity of concepts conveyed in theory and practical sessions as weekly program.
  2. We pay respect to the cadaver by conducting a cadaveric oath for first year students every year in the beginning of their dissection in curriculum.
  3. To generate public awareness we do permit public as groups to visit our anatomy museum



  1. In theory we teach Ayurvedic and Contemporary aspects of Human body with equal importance
  2. In Ayurvedic aspects we provide lectures on structural concepts explained in Shareera Sthaana of Susrutha Samhitha, Ashtanga Hrudaya and Charaka Samhitha
  3. We provide special training in Marma concepts and  its clinical application by the support of experts in field for our students
  4. In contemporary science we provide extensive training in General anatomy, embryology, neuroanatomy, oesteology, histology and so on


In co-operation with “Sukhashaishava Project” conducted by Baala Chikitsa department we provide general awareness sessions about human body periodically for students of near by educational institutions



As part of Curriculum activities we do conduct a study tour to visit Museum of Anatomy and Pathology in Manipal every year .

Vd Jithesh C
Associate Professor
MD (Ay), Rachana Shareeram
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Vd Varun Vinayak
Associate Professor
MD (Ay), Rachana Shareeram
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