Department of Kriya Shareeram


Ashtamgam Ayurveda Vidyapeedham has a well furnished Kriya department with all the required facilities. There are two teaching faculties and a lab assistant in the department.

Kriya Shareeram deals with normal functioning of human body in detail. It is human physiology explained in Ayurvedic perspective.

This dept deals with ‘know how’ of human body.  How body functions occur and why; are the focus areas here. In this subject both modern physiology and ayurvedic fundamentals are included, so as to give an integrated version of modern and ayurvedic views.

In Modern Physiology, the working mechanism of different body systems like excretory, digestive etc are explained with their basic functional anatomy and in Ayurvedic part, the same is explained through basic principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has its own methods and materials to explain physiology.

The ability of a student to practice Ayurveda in the future highly depends on his/her understanding of Kriya Shareeram.As the saying goes “Medicine is what physiology makes it”. Because, only if normal functioning is understood, abnormalities can be handled with expertise and accuracy.


  1. Physiology lab: A full fledged laboratory with all necessary equipments according to the standard requirements.
  2. Department library: A collection of essential books are made available in the dept itself for quick reference. This includes books dealing with physiology, biochemistry, pathology, samhithas and other subject books.
  3. Charts, models, specimen- for demonstrative classes.

Academic activities:

  1. SHAREERA SAMEEKSHA – conducted a seminar on Shareerasthana, in 2016, in collaboration with Rachanashareera department.
  2. Small group learning: The dept regularly conducts small group learning classes for students to ensure thorough understanding in the subject. This helps in clarifying the concepts and also gives personal attention to students.
Vd. Nikhila Sankar M
MD(Ay), Kriyasareeram
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Vd Omprakash Narayan
Associate Professor
MD (Ay), Kriyashareeram
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Vd Princy V P
Assistant Professor
MD (Ay), Kriyashareeram
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