Agadathantram is one of the eight basic branches of Ayurveda dealing with toxins, poisons, it’s symptoms, complications, related diseases and their management.

In the current academic system, the department is named as ‘Agadathantra Vyavahara Ayurveda evam Vidhivydyaka’. It includes subjects related with Ayurvedic and modern Toxicology, Forensic Medicine and Medical jurisprudence.

The syllabus and departmental activities are aimed to create a basic awareness of the concept of ‘Visha’ (poison/toxin), it’s types, symptoms and skill to identify and manage basic clinical problems. It also deals with medical ethics, laws in relation with the medical field and basic aspects of forensic medicine.

Departmental museum showcases models and specimens related to forensic science and various wet and dry specimens of toxicological importance. It includes sources of poisons, toxins and drugs used in toxicology of both animate and inanimate origin.

Departmental library is rich with literatures starting from classical Ayurvedic texts, rare folklore works on toxicology in regional languages to modern books on Toxicology and Forensic Medicine

Academic activities include theory, practical and clinical hours according to the curriculum, Field visits to identify common sources of poisoning, medicines and clinical practices, Visits to forensic and toxicology museums,  court postings for understanding basic Medico Legal and Forensic issues, understanding basics of Medico-legal Autopsy etc.

Departmental outpatient and inpatient facilities are provided at college hospital. Department generally deals with

Poisonous bite and sting cases

Complications of toxicity and poisoning

Dermatological conditions

Chronic and cumulative toxicity and related complications

Vd Jishnu Narayanan M
Assistant Professor
MD (Ay), Agadatantram
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Vd Anila M K
Assistant Professor
MD (Ay), Agadatantram
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