Ashtamgam has always promoted true ayurveda since its inception , through the samiksha . samiksha are a seminar series conceived with an intention to explore the imperative areas of our sasthram.following sidhants,sareera and nidhana sameeksha , chikitsa sameeksh was organised by the department of kayachikitsa , in thesecong week of december 2019 . the seminar was focused on “chikitsa sthanas of Ashtanga hridaya and was an attempt to understand chikitsa concepts, by connecting it to the sutra ,sareera and nidana sthanas .the seminar was done in a gurukula oration mode through his masterwisdom by Vd M Prasad . There was an invited lecture on “Diagnosis and treatment in Ayurveda using Karya Karana Siddhanta” by Vd Ravishanker Pervaje M S sir.another chief attraction of the seminar was “Glimpse of indigenous drugs in Traditional Kerala Practice”  and field visit lead by Vd s Ajayan a master in the field of Dravyaguna . There was also a presentation of various topics by ashtamgam Faculties . The national seminar was received well in the ayurvedic  community with 60 participants from different parts of the countries . feedback was excellent , and added more glory to the name of Ashtangam.

December 9th to 14th – 2019

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