Spread in 11.5 acres of land in a hillside, Ashtamgam campus is situated in the lush greenery of Vavanoor  in Nagalassery Panchayath surrounded by the historical villages of Koottanad, Thrithala, Mezhathoor, Peringode and Chathanoor.   Famous for a number of legendary Vaidya families like Vaidyamodhom, CNS, Poomully and the like, this cluster of villages form the corner stone of Kerala’s unique ayurvedic legacy.

Chikitsalayam (the Hospital)

  • The Chikitsalayam of Ashtamgam is a full-fledged teaching hospital complying fully with the regulations of the central council. The highlights of Chikitsalayam include-
  • Fully functional Out Patient Departments
  • In Patient Facility
  • Panchakarma Theatre complex
  • Operation Theatre complex which has Major OT, Minor OT, Post-surgical recovery unit, Salakyatanthra OT and Labour room, with state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Monthly Consultation by Panel of experts
  • Nursing stations in each floor
  • Casualty Department
  • Physiotherapy Unit
  • Sports and Rehabilitative Medicine Department
  • Podiatry Department
  • Pharmacy with own medicine
  • Laboratory
  • Yoga and naturopathy division with In-Patient facility
  • Hi-tech hygienic canteen with healthy vegetarian dishes


  • Vd. Purushothaman, MS (Ay.)

Deputy Superintendent

  • Vd. Manikandan K P

Clinical experts

KayachikitsaVd Narayanan Nambi, MD (Ay)
PanchakarmaVd. Remya , MD (Ay.)
SalyatanthraVd. Purushothaman, MS (Ay.)
SalakyatanthraVd Sreedevi V, MS (Ay)
Prasuthi & StrirogaVd Suryalekshmi P B , MS (Ay.)
KaumarabhruthyaVd. Dileep K S, MD (Ay)
SwasthavruthaVd. Johnson P John, MD (Ay.)
AgadathantramVd. Jishnu Narayanan M, MD (Ay)

Clinical Details

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Vidyapeedham (The Medical College)

Ashtamgam Vidyapeedham is designed in such a way as to provide the students with the best-in-class ayurvedic learning experience in a fully residential facility. A team of committed faculty will stay with and guide the students as full-timers wherein the formal academic timetable will become a mere formality. The highlights of the Vidyapeedham include

  • Dedicated team of faculty
  • ‘Mentor-learner’ pattern of endorsement to all students throughout the study period
  • Off-campus learning facility
  • Guest lecture of eminent personalities
  • Intensive hands-on training in all departments
  • Unique way of starting classes at 8 AM
  • Daily sessions of Swadhyayam
  • Smart class room
  • State-of-the-art lab facility
  • Spacious dissection hall
  • Museums
  • Library with a vast collection of all classical texts and the latest books and publications, audio-visual facility, manuscripts, and digi-library
  • Department libraries
  • Graffiti model common expression area
  • Internet facility with moderated Wi-Fi
  • Publication of own peer-reviewed, indexed journal (in the pipeline)
  • Facility to learn all traditional Indian knowledge systems like Vasthusasthram, Jyothisham, Yogasasthram, samskritham, darsanam, and art forms like sangeetham, kalaripppayattu etc.
  • Herbal garden in a natural setting with more than 400 types of medicinal plants
  • Separate residential facilities for boys and girls under the direct supervision of teachers
  • Hygienic vegetarian mess
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Seminar hall and auditorium
  • Hygienic toilets
  • Insurance coverage for all students for the entire course period

Dress code

There won’t be any official uniform for the students. But there will be strict measures to maintain discipline and decency of the academy.

  • Boys should wear proper pants and shirt, either full or half sleeve, during the class/training hours. Low -waste pants, T-shirts, Dhothi and other casual wears are not permitted. During off-time hostel hours, ¾ pants, Dhothis, T-shirts etc are permitted.
  • Girls should wear Churidars (Salwars) with low-slit (split) during the class/training hours. No formal wears like jeans, leggings, T-shirts, short-tops, etc are permitted. During off-time hostel hours, they may be used.
  • All students should wear apron/coat during the class/training hours.

Holidays and vacations

Basically, AACV is a zero-vacation institute. There will be regular functioning of the Chikitsalayam and its attached units round the year. Holidays of the Vidyapeedham may be as per the Govt. rules.