‘Aranyakam’ (National seminar & field survey on ayurvedic understanding of ecosystems). A 3 day programme happened on 19,20 & 21st of December 2018, it was an amazing journey about the Plants of Western ghats done by Dr. Udayan Punnakkal from Sreekrishna College Guruvayur and Dr.Ajayan Sadanandhan from Ashtamgam


‘Nidana Sameeksha’ (A critical exploration of Ashtaamga Hridayam Nidaana Sthaanam). Conducted from 15-05-2017 to 20-05-2017, the programme discussed various diagnosis aspects in ayurveda.



‘Shareera Sameeksha’ (A 5day residential programme on Ayurvedic Biology). Department of Kriyashareeram and Rachanashareeram jointly conducted the programme from 20-09-2016 to 24-09-2016. With a participation of 25 delegates, the programme very well discussed the anatomy and physiology of of body in depth.


‘Rithusameeksha’ (A 2 day seminar on Asrigdaram & Nashtarthavam). Conducted on 6th and 7th August 2016, the event discussed References from Ashtanga hridayam Sarirasthanam, utharastahanam, Charaka samhitha chikitsasthanam, Sushrutha samhitha – soothrastahanam regarding arthava utpathi, nashtarthavam, asrgdaram, yoniroga chikitsa, Nidanam – samprapthi – lakshanas in asrigdaram – practical aspects, chikitsa visesham and clinical experiences in asrigdaram, clinical experiences in nashtarthavam and asrgdaram, rasasasthr. The event witnessed 33 delegates.


‘Dharavicharam’ (Sessions on Various Aspects of Sirodhara). With a participation of 30 delegates from various ayurveda colleges, the event conducted on 20-03-2016 by eminent faculty.


‘Ghrtha Sameekhsa’ (An intensive one-day discussion on Ghrtha Prayoga and Ghrtha Kalpana’. With 50 delegates and 8 panel experts, the seminar conducted on 21-11-2015 highlighting procurement of ghrtha to make Purna Ghitha.


‘Siddhaanta Sameeksha’ (An Intensive in-house seven day learning programme  Ashtamgahrdayam Sootra Sthaana) conducted by department of Samhitha Sidhanta. Seminar was on Fundamentals of Ayurveda –  during October 5th – 11th 2015. Ashtamgahrdayam Sootra Sthaana first 15 chapters were the base for discussions. Classes were led by eminent preceptors in the field of fundamentals of Ayurveda. 25 selected participants attended the Sameeksha.